Dr. Yuan Fang was elected as vice president of Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) of Pukou Zone in Nanjing.
Nov.15th,2019--Nanjing,China--Adhering to the "Innovation as dynamics, differentiation as core" business philosophy and being committed to providing differentiated products with intellectual property solutions and environmentally friendly chemical technology to global customers by comprehensive research and development capabilities, Nanjing F&S PharmaTech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as F&S) announced that Dr. Yuan Fang, CEO of F&S, was elected as vice president at the WRSA’s establishment meeting in Pukou Zone, Nanjing yesterday. 

Dr. Yuan Fang has studied in Jilin University, Nankai University and Nanjing University, developed the post-doctor's work in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Stanford University. He founded F&S in Oct. 2015, acting as CEO. At present, 
Dr. Yuan Fang is also a member of the fourth CPPCC Committee and vice chairman of the Returned Overseas Chinese Federation in Pukou Economic Development Zone, Nanjing.

Western Returned Scholars Association(Chinese Overseas Student Association) is a national overseas student organization, led by Secretariat of the Central Committee and entrusted by United Front Department. Founded in 1913 by famous scholars such as Liang dunyan, Zhan Tianyou and Gu Weijun, it is the earliest and largest organization for overseas students in China. 

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